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Standard AW: Wassercluster im Trinkwasser

Die O-H Streckschwingung, die H-Brücken sensitiv ist, ist tatsächlich geeignet Wassercluster zu untersuchen.



Spectroscopic investigation of neutral water clusters is critical in understanding the structures and properties of condensed-phase water. Because of the difficulty for size selection of neutral clusters in general, infrared spectroscopic study of structural evolution of confinement-free, neutral water clusters has been a grand challenge. In this work, we exploit recently developed, hybrid instruments that integrate infrared spectroscopy with a tunable vacuum ultraviolet free-electron laser to capture structural evolution of water clusters. Striking spectral change in the OH stretch region is observed from water tetramer to penta- and hexamer, due to appearance of three-dimensional hydrogen-bonding networks. The technique has the potential to obtain the infrared spectra of size-selected neutral clusters and to access their rich structural landscape.

Infrared spectroscopic study of neutral water clusters is crucial to understanding of the hydrogen-bonding networks in liquid water and ice. Here we report infrared spectra of size-selected neutral water clusters, (H2O)n (n = 3−6), in the OH stretching vibration region, based on threshold photoionization using a tunable vacuum ultraviolet free-electron laser. Distinct OH stretch vibrational fundamentals observed in the 3,500−3,600-cm−1 region of (H2O)5 provide unique spectral signatures for the formation of a noncyclic pentamer, which coexists with the global-minimum cyclic structure previously identified in the gas phase. The main features of infrared spectra of the pentamer and hexamer, (H2O)n (n = 5 and 6), span the entire OH stretching band of liquid water, suggesting that they start to exhibit the richness and diversity of hydrogen-bonding networks in bulk water.



Fourier Transform infrared spectrometry has been used to study the vibrational spectroscopy of water clusters prepared in a supersonic expansion. The clusters are assigned as being composed of 10−100 waters based on consideration of the free OH and bound OH vibrations and the experimental conditions used. Four vibrational features were observed simultaneously including the bend, free OH stretch, bound OH stretch, and an unresolved group of intermolecular vibrations. No absorption features were observed between 4000 and 8000 cm-1. This is the first observation of the bending vibration for any size gas-phase water cluster.
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