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Theorien jenseits der Standardphysik Sie haben Ihre eigene physikalische Theorie entwickelt? Oder Sie kritisieren bestehende Standardtheorien? Dann sind Sie hier richtig.

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Standard The new theory of the Big Bang

1. The new theory of the Big Bang

The sun is the source of energy for our life in that it radiates sunlight, while the pressure of the gravitational-metric field increases according to the law of action equals reaction. Because of the constant loss of energy from the fleeing light, the mass of the star becomes more and more compact and the phases of the quantum mechanical wave functions disappear. One speaks of the reduction of the quantum mechanical waves.
And one day the giant solar star will become a neutron star with a diameter of about 10 to 20 km. The neutron star rotates and can become a rapidly rotating pulsar. Since the axis of symmetry of its magnetic field deviates from the axis of rotation, it constantly emits synchrotron radiation in the direction of the dipole axis. It also emits metric sky waves that cause the light waves to change in the test facilities, as the researchers from the LIGO teams were able to demonstrate.
On the further life path of the star, the scenario of the supernova occurs, whereby the star annihilates itself. It becomes a black sphere which hardly any signals can escape.
The black sphere pulls the matter and space of the universe into them in the form of dark energy. The metric space waves of the dark energy in the black sphere generate the dark antimatter.
The world around the black spheres is still bright. But one day when all the stars have become black spheres, the light in the universe will go spontaneously out. What happens then takes place during the Planck period. During this time the black spheres unite to form the black hole, in which the cosmotron appears, which contains all matter and antimatter of the universe in the state of black pair matter.
The black pair matter of the cosmotron is in an absolute state of rest. Nothing moves anymore. Time stands still. The world is frozen in the cold. It is absolutely cold, zero degrees Kelvin. While the heavy moving mass has sunk down to the rest mass of the black matter due to the loss of its light energy, the metric field of the dark energy has just generated the rest mass of the black antimatter. There is a balance between gravitational matter and the metric antimatter generated by transformation.
Then the universe interacts with itself in that the light flowing in from outside returns through the black hole to the black pair matter of the cosmotron. The photons of the electromagnetic light bring movement back to the black rest masses and the quantum mechanical waves back to space.
There is a quantum leap in the universe, as the singularity of the universe spontaneously distributes itself into the singularities of the particles over the entire space. And with the spontaneous spreading of the quantum mechanical waves of the particles, the metric waves also spread again and with them the dark energy.
In this way the universe can be explained by itself, in that the interaction of the electromagnetic field in the singularity meets the gravitational-metric field.
The entropic time arrow, which has escaped into space, returns to the negentropic time arrow sunk in the singularity. Schrödinger introduced the concept of negentropy as the opposite of the concept of entropy. The external inflation of the universe by the electromagnetic field is opposed to the internal deflation of the universe by the gravitational-metric field. This is the mechanism of evolution of the universe.
The interaction of the returned light through the black hole to pair matter leads to the quantum leap of the cosmotron and thus to the quantum leap of the universe. As a result, the dark world of the black pair matter of the cosmotron spontaneously changes back into the light world of the first stars, which can escape of the new created black spheres. A new world is born.
The universe expands again, the curvature of space decreases and with it the energy level of the metric field, the antimatter decays, the galaxies with the skewed symmetrical matter arise again.
The question that remains is how the light of the stars that has escaped into space comes back from the periphery of space into the singularity to the black matter and antimatter in the cosmotron. To do this, you have to imagine the universe in the form of the Klein bottle as a four-dimensional space. Just as the Möbius strip enables the transition from the inner to the outer surface in the three-dimensional world, the Klein bottle enables the transition from the inner to the outer space in the four-dimensional world.
If we look to the dark horizon of the world, we see the border between dark and light energy.
This is also the explanation of Olber's paradox. According to the astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers, in a universe with an infinite number of stars, the background of the world should shine as brightly as the stars. This has been refuted by stating that the number of stars is probably not infinite, and evidence has been provided that the density of the stars is not so high to produce this effect. But even with these restrictions, the background of the world should not be totally black, since the light of the stars spreads over the entire space. But we cannot see the light behind the border between darkness and light. We can never see the singularity and the big bang.
While we as observers look down on the quantum leaps of the particles, we are in the quantum leap of the universe. And we ourselves are made up of quantum leaps in particles that follow the laws of quantum mechanics. But we ourselves like all macroscopic and cosmic bodies are subjects of the laws of Einstein's theory of gravity in Riemannian geometry. Schrödinger's thought experiment with the cat should also be understood in this sense. In fact, it is internally dead and alive at the same time, in that it consists of the internal spontaneous quantum leaps of its interacting particles. But it itself follows Einstein's theory of gravity, according to which it slowly passes from the state of living to the state of dead as its age passes through the process of decay of its cells. Consequently, there is a time lag in the quantum leap of the bodies.
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Standard AW: The new theory of the Big Bang

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